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  • I love these calls that I made.

    I wanted to write down this typical hand that I played at an online poker room.

    It's a $1/$2 no limit full ring game with 9 players.

    I was at middle position (2 seat at the left of the Big Blind).
    I was holding A,K off suit and I just flat called the $2.

    A player at late position raised to $7. Both blinds folded, only I left to act and I flat called the $7.

    The reason that I flat called here is because I put him on 2 big cards.
    I already limped in in front of him, if he's holding a big pair, he probably would raise a bigger amount to push out all the junk hands to avoid a bad beat later on; If he's holding middle pair like 7,7 or 8,8, he would still raise bigger to take down the pot right now because it's very likely the FLOP will come some over cards that will beat his middle pair.

    The FLOP came 9 and 2 small cards all in different suit. (I don't remember what exact cards they are)

    I checked. The rasier bet the pot size of $17.

    Why is he betting so big?
    Is he hold a good hand like a big over pair? A set?
    Or he's just having 2 over cards and wanted to bet me out of the pot?

    I had been playing with this guy in the past hour, and I had a strong feeling that he's on 2 over cards and wanted to bet me out and take down the pot.
    So I flat called.

    The TURN came a small card.
    I checked. He made a big bet again and I still flat called with my A,K.

    The RIVER came a small card again.
    I checked again. He fire out another 3/4 pot size bet.

    I took my time think over the hand again and I still strongely believed that my A,k is the best hand, so I called to see his cards.

    The reason I didn't raise here is because I won't get a call anyway if my A,k is good, plus I will missed my chance to see his hole cards.
    If my reading was wrong, he was holding some sort of good had instead, then I would lose more money if I rasie him.

    And the very last thing is that I wanted him to see my hole cards A,K off suit, which called his big bets all the way and beat him.
    I wanted to tilt him.
    I wanted him to have an image that I will call so many big bets with a weak hand like Ace high.
    I wanted to put all these images in his mind so that I would be able to make more money out of this players later when I have the chances of holding monster hands.

    I rarely made these sort of crazy Ace high calls, but I did ended up winning on quite some of them.

    The key points are to observing the game and study your opponents to pick up your chances of making you winning hands.

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